Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The book is up to 25 pages and I'm doing a first draft as I'm going through - meaning that I'm writing several pages, then going through and editing and adding and changing things around. My head is filled with ideas and I have to get them down in the computer whether or not they run in a sequence. So long as I have the ideas down - I can add them where I feel it's necessary. It's a lot of fun writing and you can put down on paper things you would never say to others. My book started out as a love story and is turning into a mystery. I've had a lot of pointers from several books I've been using as guidelines 'How to write a mystery', Janet Evanovich's 'How I Write'. The latter is filled with so much useful information and is a virtual lifesaver when writing. If all prospective writers used Janet's book as a guideline - they'd all end up as published authors. Right now, I"m not too worried about a publisher - I just want to get my book written. I may even go the route of self publishing, so that I have complete control of my work - but I'll give that more thought as I go on.

To help pay for all of my time on the computer (the bills still need paying), I'm joining up with Partylite. It's an amazing candle company and is such a great help in paying the bills and repairing my 15 year old Jeep. With the Christmas season coming up - it can't help but do amazing. I had a party myself a week ago and the money made was astonishing. So, now I"m looking for people in Sooke/Sidney/Western Communities who are interested in holding a party for me or if they belong to a group or organization that needs to do fundraising - let me know. You also don't have to have a party but can contact me anytime to place an order. If you're a realtor, the candles make a great 'thank you' gift to your buyers when they first get into their new homes.

I'm still doing gel nails too although I can't realistically do more than two sets a day.

More on my book soon - it's starting to get exciting!

Have a great 'rest of the weekend'

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