Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 2

I just got up and I'm waiting for my coffee to finish dripping. Today is going to be a busy day. My hubby and I have an appointment this morning and this afternoon/tonight, I"m working at the gift shop. I won't be taking my computer with me but I'll have to take my notebook to write in. I always get ideas when I'm working and talking to the cruise ship passengers so I need an outlet to write down my thoughts.

Today, I'm working on my characters and I'm aiming to get one or two pages written about each of them. I still have to come up with names for a few but I know in my head what they're going to be like. The names will come with time and by the time this book is finished, everyone will have a name and a purpose.

I'm surprised I'm awake this early today. I went to a friends house last night for a 'candle party'. It was beautiful when it got dark and she had candles lit all around her back yard - what a sight to see!

Thank you for popping by and reading my blogs.

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